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Growing up along both the Gulf Coast of Alabama and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, I began to recognize at a young age a deep adoration for the southern and coastal vernacular.

I found that places near the water brought me both peace and reassurance and that the mountains gave me a sense of refuge.

In both environments,  the joy of exploration was always encouraged.

Nature has a way of setting the tone for how we inhabit it and how we feel when we are in each of its unique habitats.

What I have come to understand is that there is a special connection between our immediate environment and its undeniably vivid impact on our daily lives.

In short, where we live has an intriguing relationship to who we are.

So what is architecture’s role in this? 

I believe architecture's best efforts are to reconnect us with our natural environment.

A home should generate those feelings of safety and reprieve, curiosity and rest, and most importantly, inspire a return to family.

Collin Cope founded his Charleston, SC based design firm in 2016. He holds a Bachelor's of Architecture degree from The University of Tennessee.

After graduation, he worked for two high-end, well established architects in Charleston before striking out on his own to start Collin C. Cope balanced works.

Collin and Brittany are married and live in Mount Pleasant, SC with their two dogs Remi and Rusty, their cat Queso, and their horse Somerset.

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